Sunday, September 20, 2009


This Term Erin L. and Julianne worked with the Team and did some amazing work with them in the photo booth - new lighting methods and backdrops were explored. This is their best work yet- Thanks to some great TEAM work!

Studio Work

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On May 22, 2009 the Team Possibles opened their first University Exhibition. The show was described as " Stunning" and " Brilliant"! Hundreds of people have been through the gallery and are totally impressed with the work the Team has done - the silkscreens, the montage work, the stories, the zines, and the puzzle pieces, all classic examples of the high quality work our Team is becoming famous for. The photo booth slide show was as beautiful as it was interesting, it showed the progression of work over the last 4 terms and how the work is developing and how the Team is exploring new ideas, and techniques for portraits and group photos. Go Team!


Speeches presented by the Team Possibles at the Down Syndrome Society National Conference on May 16 2009

Paper Marbling
Space, the final frontier. God created all of us with a
gift. Having this gift allows us to be free, like a
dove. True love is like a rose that blooms in peace
and happiness. And now for my paper marbling.
Imagine yourself in the time of Christ. 

It came to me in my dreams. First you have to get the paint brush
into the paint and let it drop off the tip of the paint
brush. Then get a comb to make it wavy, and the
paper shall be wet with oil. Get a normal knife and
start to let it spread like ocean waves. Like the
winds of time, we'll come again. Let there be light.
Let the two worlds come in twine as once.
Thank you and come again.

Andrew Bryant

The Movie Blog
Hi my name is Marie Webb.
I will tell you about my best friend Jills and a movie we made called High School Musical.
I liked it – it was my favorite project
This is our Movie BLOG
This is Jills saying “ Take One”.
Everybody did a good job.
The boys made a movie about Bad guys.
It was funny.
That is Katie my best friend.
This is Denise a very kind teacher.
We are writing the movie script.
We worked hard.
We went to the C B C Building.
We went outside on a nice day and passed the camera back and forth.
Erin tries out the camera.
This is me again and Max being goofy.
There’s my best friend from JL High School, Sarom my buddy.
I loved making the movies especially because it was about a boy named Zac Effron!
That’s it, now it’s Katie’s turn to talk.

Marie Webb

Team Possibles
Hi my name is Katelyn Leeann Isenor. And I love making new friends at Team Possibles, I am 20 years old, I love going to Team Possibles, I am having so much fun at Team Possibles. There is a lot of colourful stuff at Team Possibles. I love the colours I also love painting and we get to paint a lot. We did make our new movie call High School Musical 2. I am having tons of fun. Marco is our helper and he is also in the Musical he plays Troy Bolton. We also went in our famous limo to the premier of High School Musical

Katie Leeann Isenor

Team Possibles Review
Hi, my name is Karla.
I’ve been a member of Team Possibles since it began 2 years ago.
Renee came up with this wonderful idea for an art group.
Our group is made up of young people with Down Syndrome.
We learn to explore and express ourselves through different media.
As a group, we’ve worked on making masks, collages, self-portraits, painting and photography.
I love doing photography. I use different techniques such as wind, sun, colour, poses and angles to enhance my pictures.
We have had several art exhibits. These have been at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, The Anna Leonowens Gallery and the Tom Forrestall Gallery.
The lieutenant-Governor, Mayann Francis attended one of our openings.
Mr. Tom Forrestall, a famous Nova Scotia artist came to visit our Saturday group and presented us with our own sketch book.
That same session, Joel Jacobson, from our local newspaper came to do an article on Team Possibles!
By being a member of Team Possibles, I have learned to appreciate different art forms. But even more important, I love being with members of our group. We share a lot of things and friendship. We learn a little bit more about life.

Karla Smith

Team Possibles
Before I was introduced to the program of Team Possibles I was spending my time watching my younger sister going places and being invited to parties. Of course I wouldn’t be invited. I’d watch her have fun while I did absolutely nothing. Those days I didn’t do anything except be bored. I’d rent movies with my parents and spend time with them. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, I liked it but I wanted to find a group of friends that I could be a part of.

When I found a group called Team Possibles, I started to enjoy myself. I met new people I see eye to eye with. I was so happy with the friends that I had made that I knew this was the group I wanted to be part of. I’m so glad I have so many great friendships with the other members of Team Possibles. I have finally found the group of friends that I desire.

With Team Possibles I have been in a short film with View Finders. I have attended a summer day camp where we did lots of creative art, not to mention eat Ice Cream. We traveled across the city on buses and ferries, had picnics in the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We did lots of fun things. We made fairy houses, dream catchers and Inukshuks. We also made masks.
Team Possibles meets every Saturday from two until four working very hard on projects and finishing pieces of artwork. Team Possibles also meets every Friday evening from six thirty until nine. We’d order pizza and watch a movie, we’d play board games, and we would have fashion shows and karaoke. Team Possibles is a place where you don’t have to pretend to be anyone but yourself. Were a bunch of kids who like to have fun and who are able to be with friends.
I can honestly say with out Team Possibles I would not have met all these great people who are just like me, living with Down syndrome.

Erin Magee


Everyone read their speeches at the National conference, Marie & Katie went first - they spoke about the Movie Blog, Erin & Carla were next - they read their speeches & showed the Summer and Zine Blog work, Max and Andrew gave the final  speeches and showed the fashion and paper marbling pictures.
They were great! The audience really appreciated what all the Team had to say. 
 We laughed - we cried- We did it all! Great Team Work everyone!